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Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

$30 off Groceries

Use my code for $30 off Groceries, Apparel and MORE!!! Instacart has tons of stores local to you. Shop from Meijer, Target, Aldis or even places like Lowe's and Sam's Club. Once you've clicked my link and signed up your $30 off will be ready to come off your bill at first purchase.

I started using Instacart because I was trying to do more on my day off than grocery shop but I really ended up liking my entire experience plus $30 off groceries was amazing! I remember my $30 just coming off and that made me excited, I was about to look for a code but no need, they added my saving right before I paid. Check out is really easy as well. I get additional points on my credit card ask if you're looking for a new way to rack up points via IG.

I now use Instacart once a week. All the amazing food I end up making on my stories primarily comes from Instacart! Immediately when I started using Instacart I was thrilled. I could clean my house while my groceries were delivered. I realized how annoying going into the grocery store really was for my weekly essentials. Getting out of the house, stopping what I'm doing, parking, all the people lol, lines... Just for like toilet paper and eggs... not any more!

I love picking out my own fresh ingredients for special occasion, when I can spend extra time and love in the kitchen I go to a boutique grocery store for the nostalgia, Instacart has been my perfect solution for my meal prep items and weekly routine. I've been able to resist more sweets and aimless spending in the store. HUGE saving after a while lol. When you have a list... Buy it on Instacart. I love the time savings & more

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